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Reloop NEON is a powerful pad controller for Serato DJ that will boost your performance to a whole new level. By acting as a perfect support hardware for DVS and DJ controller users, the 8 extremely low latency RGB drum pads that are sensitive to touch with aftertouch are perfect for activating samples, cues, loops and effects. By introducing itself as the most complete sample controller for Serato SP6 on the market, NEON also offers LED feedback for each sample slot - bringing immediate information on status and mode. With a single NEON you can control up to 4 deck Serato DJs, and access 8 modes of use: Sampler, Pad FX, Slicer, Looped Slicer, Cue, Flip, Hot Loop and Manual Loop. In addition, two endless encoders allow navigation between tracks, volume control, and loop length. Thanks to the Smart Link function, you can connect two Reloop NEONs and double the number of Serato DJ parameters that can be controlled in real time. Slim design, just over 22 x 16 cm, and robust NEON construction, make it ideal for positioning in small consoles and to be stored in any DJ bag.

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