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The TI Virus Platform has a wide range of oscillator models such as virtual analogue oscillators, hypersaw, wavetable and graintable with many filter models and the new Character control to emulate the "vibrations" of the old analog instruments. A ring shifter, various types of FM and a tape delay produce the warm lo-fi sound that is often found in today's music. Effects sections produce multiple simultaneous effects that include reverb and delay for each part, which ensures that your patches sound exactly the same in both single and multi mode. The concept of total integration of a synthesizer, which essentially means sending the Virus TI audio signal directly to a DAW plug-in, has certainly made a lot of noise. Features such as MIDI timing with sample accuracy and the ability to process the output of your synth directly with other plug-in effects are unique to the TI Virus. High-quality semipersed buttons and a multitude of tactile controls, including a tap time button, transform the TI keyboard virus into a keyboard player workstation. And with pro-quality D / A converters and balanced studio outputs, you'll surely have a high output volume. Using analog inputs, you can process other tools with the Virus Sound Generator and access a completely new level of interaction with other members of your band.

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