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On-Ear Headphone closed system celebrates 50 years of the brand. Speaker 40mm dynamic circular with acoustic suspension, mounted internally angled for better spatiality. neodymium magnet, the nylon membrane cone and central pole covered with perforated resistive film. Earphones sealed double cavity for optimum isolation from ambient noise and foam pads removable automodellante magnetically. Solid aluminum construction with numerous internal reinforcements and filled with damping material. Wide use of high-quality Italian Saffiano skin both for the bearings for the upper headband. Folding aluminum frame and adjustable band bow. copper cable OFC interchangeably. Carrying case and 3.5mm Jack Adapter> 6.3mm included. System with wired remote control / microphone compatible with iPod / iPhone / iPad. genuine brown leather trim and aluminum. Weight: 413gr.

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